Full Name: Alexander Stark


Race: Human

Gender Male

Titles: Count of Arahn, Protector of the Vahnic Trading Company, Founder of Alos (formerly known as Laghima) Island

Birthplace: Kalon - Now collapsed monarchy in a far away land to the west.

Current Realm residing within: The County of Arahn

Previous Realms resided within: The G.R.H.H.

Close Allies: The G.R.H.H. 

Current Age: 38 ish

Personal Traits: Explorer, Sociable, Intelligent

Particular Skills: The art of military tactics has been a skill acquired over the years in the Empire, but skills such as terraforming and building in styles have also been acquired while serving in peaceful times.

Current Capital in your Lands: Arahn

Religious Affiliation: Laghiman Paganism

Current Holdings: The County of Arahn, established July 12th, 2015

Backstory of your Character: My family was yet another fleeing family in the Kingdom of Kalon. A brutal revolution overtook the government while we were all asleep. By morning, the former great castle in which all the Kings and Queens of Kalon had resided in was just a smoking arrangement of bricks and stone. Women and children were being abducted by raiding barbarians while men frantically tried to fight them off. The King's former guard, as well as the revolutionaries' armies, were no were to be found. Luckily, my former family inhabited a small farming cottage on the coast, as well as a boat that cost my father half of his life savings. By midday, we [My mother, father and I], had departed sailing Eastward. A violent storm took the life of my father, leading to the suicide of my mother, leaving me to just hope I could find civilization soon. Thankfully, I did, and I landed in the Great Imperial Lands of the Empire. I was taken in by the then Count, The Chairman, and we arranged a deal for me to be his serf, a life I was already familiarized with.