Full Name: King Arjen III

Race: Human - Ertian 

Gender: Male

Titles: King of Ertia, Duke of New Ertia, Duke of Fleuren, Duke of Schapstadia, Minister of Herpmertian Culture

Birthplace: Northern Frontier Territory, Ertia 

Current Realm residing within: Ertia 

Previous Realms resided within: New Ertia (Previously known as Amerada) 

List of close Allies: Count Atryl Rua of Fichina, Duke Nicholas of Wysteria, Count Svanhild, Members of the Council of the Crowned

Current Age ( counting the 6 extra years since before the Library went down): Not completely sure about this one, but probably around 66

Personal Traits: As like all Ertians, King Arjen III has a slight bluish tint to his skin. He is a scholar of the natural sciences, particularly biology (with a special interest in the medicinal applications of the flowers and herbs found around the city of Florae). He is a just and fair king, loved by nearly all Ertia's citizens. I say nearly all because a small group of revolutionaries from the Southern Wastes started an uprising many years ago in an attempted coup. That's a story for another time though.

Particular Skills: He is a gifted architect, having designed a great deal of buildings that have been constructed around Ertia, and he is also overseeing the development of a new city to the south of the Wastes of Winter. 

Current Capital: Florae - est. one mercannum after arrival in the new world (do we know when that was exactly?)

Religious Affiliation: Head of the Church of Erts 

Current Holdings

Large Map[1]

Kingdom of Ertia

Second Map[2]

Duchy of Fleuren

Third Map [3]

Duchy of Schapstadia