Full Name: Atryl Rua


Race: Aethen (Snow Elf)

Gender: Male

Titles: Lord of DorEryn, Count of the Council of the Crowned

Birthplace: Fichina, DorEryn

Current Realm residing within: Fichina, DorEryn

Previous Realms resided within: The Corridor Lands

List of close Allies: (Duchess Samaia Almandine of Perth) (King Arjen III of Ertia)

Current Age: 66, close to Arjen III's age

Personal Traits: Arrogant, Racist, Proud, Distrustful  Particular Skills: Archery, Architecture, Planning

Current Capital in your Lands: Fichina ( founded 3 Mercanum into the cycle of the Dragon)

Religious Affiliation: Aethen Sige Tel

Current Holdings: Daos



Backstory of your character: 

Artyl Rua was born near the beginning of the Cycle of the Dragon before the founding of Fichina. He is the son of Lord Sigen Rua and is the second of ruler to carry the Rua name. When Sigen passed away, Atryl was far too young to take power so Elder Tyssir held the position of Lord of the Lands while Atryl traveled Hermertia, learning and meeting new people. Before being old enough to take the throne, Atryl spent several years in the corridor lands, making his mark in the city of Concordia, then returning to Fichina when it was time for him to take up the throne. Shortly after Atryl took power, Fichina became recognized as a Grand County under the Council of the Crowned. Daos Don Talin also became a Serf of DorEryn during Atryl's rule and was soon to be recognized as a Count before dissappearing. The city was dubbed Daos in his honor.