Full Name:  Miss Biakko O’Kleefe. This has always been me name and I have never heard of anyone named Shana Gherstlarnther-Brown, let alone being her.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Architect of profession Wysteria’s Nether Line Project Manager

Birthplace: Maarseä – a faraway Empire somewhere South-West

Race:  Human as far as I know, hahahaha. That was a joke. Anyway.

Current Age:  That is not a polite question.  But yeah, I am 30. Fine, fine, I am really 34.

List of close Allies: Duchess Samaia Almandine, King Scrios III

Personal Traits:  A little rough around the edges, but hard at work and such. I have no ideas above me station me, no I don’t. I accomplish me duty and I am conscientious with me work. It’s important that. Me olde mum always said, gotta be worthy she said. Gotta work hard. Gotta do what ye gotta do she said. Anyway.

Particular Skills:  Me olde master taught me to adapt the build to the landscape a lot and also the landscape to the build a little. I also had extensive training to plan urban areas so that the needs of every citizen be met and so that the town be organic. Me olde master said this does not mean that the town has organs, but that components fit together into a unified thing. Quite advanced stuff and all.

Religious Affiliation: No thank ye

Current Holdings:  Being but a humble serf and all, I do not possess lande of me own, but I am honored to have permission to build a town in Wysteria, which will be named Chester-le-Ford. It will be quite jolly me think. Construction should begin in a few years.

Background: I grew up in the capital of Maarseä, a great Empire which is faraway. Me mum somehow had accumulated important savings which she used to buy me an apprenticeship with a great architect, from whom I learned the profession since I were an eight year olde child. He was a strict and demanding but wise and knowledgeable man who taught me everything I knows. 

I arrived to Hermertia seeking refuge, a couple of years ago, following quite unfortunate events. Me life crumbled when it became known that me true father was an influential noble rather than the cobbler I thought he were. The noble in question was rather unhappy and set some assassins after me. At first I tried to change me identity, and hide in the capital but it didn’t go so well. So I fled. I traveled on foot, alone, for several months. Uphill for the most parte. With rain and such. 

Me journey was perilous and I lost me mind a little at times, but eventually I made it to Hermertia. I was blown away by the incredible generosity and welcoming attitude of the Hermertians people. I received several worke offers and also gifts and this was wonderful.

The new country of Wysteria rapidly won me heart and I have since been working of the Nether road that leads to it. 

In his infinite generosity, me lord has recently granted me the permission to build a town which I am fairly excited about.