Full Name: Duchess Celestine (no last name)


Race: Pyrencian

Gender: Female

Titles: Duchess of Hellasburg, in the County of Reinen, Kingdom of Isilioth; Marshall of the Scrubby Scrubby task force

Birthplace: Kingdom of Pyrencia

Current Realm residing within: Kingdom of Isilioth

Previous Realms resided within: N/A

List of close Allies: *unsure* Perth and Pyrencia

Current Age: 38? (including 6 years since the Library went down. Age was unknown prior to the downing of the library).

Personal Traits: Prefers adventuring and collecting materials over building.

Particular Skills: Quite the collector. She tends to hoard materials but never do anything with them unless someone needs something. (Shes really not that interesting guys)

Current Capital in your Lands: Unknown

Religious Affiliation: Follows the Pyrencian Gods

Current Holdings: Hellasburg in the county of Reinen

Other: Daughter of Duchess Ellarel. First in her line to move away from the Kingdom of Pyrencia since the first Celestine.