Full Name: Felandris of Innean


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Titles: Governor or Glas Claddach, Count of Carrickshire

Birthplace: Gu H-ard Carraig

Current Realm residing within: Tremaine

Previous Realms resided within: Gu H-ard Carraig, Innean, Glas Claddach

List of close Allies: King Scrios III, Duchess Samaia

Current Age: 43 (ish)

Personal Traits: I am a miner and found my glory through architecture when designing and building the City of Glas Claddach Particular Skills: In my years I have become a skilled stone mason, particularly with my work recently in Tremaine. In my endeavours to build homes that will be forever safe from invaders I have studied the arts of war and consider myself an accomplished defensive strategist. Indeed, many of my cities would be most diffiult to take by means on open conflict. Although, when it comes to farming and tending the herds, my wife is far better at it than I. The last time I tried to grow a pumpink it turned into a daisy...Don't ask.

Current Capital in your Lands: Tremaine, founded in in the Imperial year 420-424(ish)

Religious Affiliation: Creeperism (Apparently, I couldn't find out much about the religions before the last site went down) Current Holdings:  The county of Tremaine, in orange here


The city of Glas Claddach

Backstory: Felandris was born in the 387th year of the Emperor to an unnamed father and mother who died in a bandit attack at the city of Gu H'ard Carraig. He grew up in Innean taken in by his Uncle Robert who cared for him until Felandris was old enough to be employed as a stone mason. He earned a living working in the mines of Innean and quickly was promoted to a station where he could indulge in his architectural designs. At this point, he founded the city of Glas Claddach in the Ilminite coast of Perth in the year 413 of the Emperor. He was 26 years old. While working here he met a woman named Morgana with whom he fell hopelessly in love. In the year 416 of the Emperor they were wed and since have had 4 children, Murtagh, Ula, Gildos, and Ferris. In the year 420 of the Emperor Felandris petitioned King Scrios III for a countship and, upon granting permission in the year 423 of the Emperor, began construction of Tremaine in the south of Perth.