Full Name: Gimpy III, Kati Thanort Race: Kairatite

Gender: Female

Titles: Duchess of the grande Duchy of Kaine, Admiral of Kaine.

Birthplace: Rivale

Current Realm residing within: Grande Duchy of Kaine

Previous Realms resided within: N/A

List of close Allies: The Casadians, The GRHH, Samaia Almandine of Perth, Varahein of Pyrencia

Current Age: 79 Years old

Personal Traits: Explorer and Ambassador.

Particular Skills: Ship builder, Food eating champion of Hermertia, Mineral Searcher.

Current Capital in your Lands: Rivale, Founded in the age of the Dragon, 00, 08

Religious Affiliation: N/A

Current Holdings: County of Skragg, Bachus Lake, Mavito, Kahle, Rivale. Duchy of Rivale, Mesaque.

Backstory: Born in Rivale in the year 00, 11 age of the dragon, Father died at the young age of 61, was made Duchess at the age of 25. Promised her people she'd be a queen before she died. Hosted the first Imperial Games in New Hermertia, created many ties with people of other nations, even fought in two wars with her now allies Pyrencia. Was made Minister of Justice. Continues to expand Kaine as was her father's intent.