Gathered nobles and esteemed allies of the Empire. Ave. 

I bring forth a query regarding the current influx of applicants, and the pressing need for votes from the Council of the Crowned. Proxy voters as far as my knowledge can tell have been appointed in Valtoros, Sevrys named Hand to King Kyn. So this is not a one of situation. 

My Lord Scrios III has informed me recently via courier that his attentions have been withdrawn to an insular matter of personal importance. (Context: He mentioned that he was concentrating on IRL stuff at the moment)

Now, given that we discussed the importance and agreed upon the usefulness of such duties that a King's Hand would and should perform,  I believe my ability to vote in his stead for the applicants is of key importance. I would not have anyone denied entry for so long due to bureaucracy.

As most of you know, Lord Scrios' confidence in my family and forebears as a long standing Noble House of Perth is unrivalled. 

I am invoking this Right for the benefit of the Empire and to assist a dear personal friend with the burdens of the Council. 

Please speak if you disagree or find fault with this statement. 

Thank you for your time.

Samaia Almandine