Full Name: Kuhtu Bahswarra Ugontuh


Race: Native Tribesmen (Ugontuh Tribe) of Khabranth 

Gender: Male

Titles: Warlord of Khabranth. Butcher of Nah'swaruh 

Birthplace: Ugontuh Raiders Camp along the Khabranthian southern border. 

Current Realm residing within: Kingdom of Khabranth 

Previous Realms resided within: N/A

List of close Allies: 

Current Age ( counting the 6 extra years since before the Library went down): 24

Personal Traits: Warrior. Leader. Xenophobic. 

Current Capital in your Lands: Khalinar. Founded around 4 months ago. 

Religious Affiliation: Ugontuh Religious Beliefs.

Current Holdings: Khalinar, Kargesh, Fortuda, Fort Vigil 

Backstory: Kuhtu Bahswarra Ugontuh was born the son of an Ugontuh raider and a slave girl. At the age of 8 Ugontuh proved his right of manhood by slaying a monstrous arachnid stalking the camp that had killed his mother. 

Rising through the ranks of the tribal society through sheer determination and the killings of countless other warriors he earned the trust and respect of his fellow tribesmen.

Kuhtu and the Ugontuh tribe first came in contact with the settlers of Khabranth when he was tasked with avenging the life of young tribesmen that came into contact with a Khabranthian scouting party.

As he pushed further and further into Khabranthian land he found that these were not like the unorganized, disoriented scouts, trappers and slavers of the past. Finally on the eve of a Khabranthian holiday he launched a massive attack onto the trading port of Kargesh. 

Although much of the civilian population was massacred under the well-armed, hard Ugontuh soldiers, Kuhtu and his surviving soldiers were taken captive by the remaining garrison in Kargesh and brought to stand trial for their crimes in Khalinar. 

While imprisoned in Khalinar he shocked his captors by showing un-paralleled levels of intelligence, cunning, and charisma in the explanation of his raids on the lands of Khabranth. These exploits were eventually passed all the way to the ears of the almighty Var Khalam, who at the end of his life was still struggling to find a successor. Var Khalam then ordered Kuhtu to be brought before and began discussing many issues behind the doors of his keep with the young warrior. Finally, after many days and nights of the closed door discussion, they were flung open and it was announced that Kuhtu and Var Khalam would take part in the most holy of Khabranthian traditions, the crowning of the new king through a trial by combat.  As the stadium was prepared many did not consider to be very special an occasion due to the fact that Var Khalam had slaughtered any before who had attempted to claim the Khabranthian crown, but Kuhtu would be different. After hours of back and forth fighting the young warrior finally the upper hand and plunged his blade deep into the stomach of the King Var Khalam, proclaiming the beginning of his new reign.

However as the old king laying dying at his feet Kuhtu was beckoned down one last to the mouth of old King and received a most cryptic message that to this day none but Kuhtu know of. In respect for his old friend and mentor Kuhtu declared that every day on that year it would be known as the day of Khalam, a very deep, spiritual holiday for any Khabranthian. As a final crowning tribute to his dearest friend he commissioned a massive statue to be constructed and the king to be entombed within it. 

Following his crowning as King, Warlord Kuhtu lead the Khabranthian masses through an unparalleled campaign of blood and destruction uniting almost every tribe in Khabranth under the banner of one united nation and cementing his place as an amazing successor to King Var Khalam.