Full Name:
My name is Merry, son of Snail

Race:I am a half human, half halfling

Gender:I'm a man

Titles:and I'm count of ??? (I don't have a name for my county)

Birthplace:I was born in Pumkin, Laborate, Ertia

Current Realm residing within: 
I live in Wysteria

Previous Realms resided within: 
Before I moved I lived in Laborate, Ertia

List of close Allies: Haha, I don't know really. My closest ally is of course my liege, Nicholas, and my neighbour Biakko.

Current Age ( counting the 6 extra years since before the Library went down): 43 (halflings don't get very old. I will retire soon)

Personal Traits: I like pumpkins, jumping of high buildings and talking. (Sadly)I'm a slow worker, but I get the work done (eventually)

Particular Skills: The second I was born my father showed me his pumpkin fields. When I cried, my father showed me his pumpkin fields. When was laughing, he showed me his pumpkin fields. When he retired he gave me his pumpkin fields. I was born on the pumpkin fields, and I will die on the pumpkin fields.

Current Capital in your Lands: I have no name for it yet.

Religious Affiliation: I worship the Great Scarecrow who protects my pumpkin fields from birds, rabbits and other pests.

Current Holdings: No name for it yet, and no pictures.

Backstory of your character: As stated earlier I was born in a pumpkin field. My mother was a halfling, and my father a human. I've spent the whole of my life as a farmer in Ertia, until recently, when I moved with my liege Nicholas to the promised lands - Wysteria! Here I hope I will raise my newborn son, Jolly, to the greatest farmer ever seen. I will teach him the arts of the Hoe, I will teach him how to gently push a seed down a little hole. And one day I will give him all I own and I will jump off a high building. Soon.