Full Name: Samaia Almandine

Race: Snow Elf

Gender: Female

Titles: Hand of the King of Perth, Minister of Hermertian Heritage, Adjudicator of Valyrian Affairs. 

Birthplace: Strathceard Palace, Strathceard, Duchy of the Ilmenite Coast, Kingdom of Perth

Current Realm residing within : Kingdom of Perth

Previous Realms resided within: N/A

List of close Allies: Greater Realm of Valyria ( Perth & Valtoros ) Duchess Celestine's Hellasburg, County of Reinen. Duchess Gimpy of the Grand Duchy of Kaine. Count Atryl Rua, Dôr Eryn.

Current Age: 40 Years.

Personal Traits: Personable, Social. Explorer.

Particular Skills: Creating and Maintaining Political Alliances, Shipbuilding. Detail Building.

Religious Affiliation: Redstonism. Traditional Perthian Values.

Current Capital in your Lands: Strathceard Palace, Ilmenite Coast. Founded (April 2014). 


Current Holdings: 

Duchy of the Ilmenite Coast: Valyrian Shipyards, Ardraon Deighe, Strathceard. ( Built in Sameria's time )


Duchy of Loitommalla: Syvää Mines, Stromgarte. 


County of Ardmorae, Golden Crescent, Valtoros.  County of Mesatown, Co Build with Duchess Gimpy III on Perth/Kaine Border.

Brief History of Samaia Almandine:

Samaia is the daughter of the renowned engineer, Duchess Sameria. Born into the lands of Perth from her Snow Elf parents, Samaia was raised to follow the Perthian values of Strength, Honour and Peace.  Quickly finding an aptitude for political work, Samaia rose from the powerful base of her parent's Duchy to become an eminent contender amongst top Perthian officials.  Eventually travelling for the first time to meet up with one of the few other Snow Elves within Hermertia outside of Perth: Atryl Rua. Ties were strengthened between House Rua and House Almandine. 

Shortly thereafter the wave of hysteria and blackouts began following revelations (Link to article) in Minerva. Samaia was at the forefront of the conclave of nobles gathering at the proposed Imperial City site on the Imperial Isle to discuss the fate of the Empire. Construction began on the Imperial City, with several outlying towns being completed. An island of calm and strength amongst the turmoil surrounding the rest of the Empire at the time.  Finishing work on the towns of Tiberton and the farming town set up by the Casadians, each noble, Samaia included, headed back to their own homes in order to consolidate after the former Regents repercussions had died down.  Duchess Celestine moves in nearby to the Western border of the Previous Kingdom of Isilioth follwing King Isaac's disappearance, and ties are solidified with her and her people. ( early June)  Samaia and King Scrios implement the long awaited Gate of Dunn, formally starting work on Perth's Capital, the City of Dunn. Construction begins in the northern tip of Perth (mid June) with the frontier settlemen of Stromgart being founded (early July), and shortly after the opening of a nearby resource camp at Syvää Quarry.