Full Name: Sevrys son of clan Kehnsu

Race: Argven

Gender: Male

Titles: Duke of Valtoros, Right hand of Valtoros, Crest Designer Extraordinaire

Birthplace: Amohn Rav, formerly Rav

Current Realm residing within: Valtoros

Previous Realms resided within: N/A

List of close Allies: Greater Realm of Valyria ( Perth & Valtoros )

Current Age: 27 

Personal Traits: Enjoys adventuring. He often keeps to himself, quiet in social situations, and enjoys being alone. Despite that, he is loyal to his friends. 

Particular Skills: Adept at redstone circuitry, expert armed/unarmed combatant, skilled adventurer, champion hide and seeker, abysmal navigator (much like his father), and expert crest designer. 

Religious Affiliation: Follower of Yluus

Current Holdings: Rohavn, Amohn Rav, Ezrafell, used to have a settlement in Minerva.... Not sure how that stands anymore... Can't remember its name, either.

Current Capital in your Lands: Rohavn 

Background: Middle child to the late Amohn Kehnsu, Sevrys is the first of the Argven (ancestors to a clan of elves and humans) born in Hermertia. He was also part of the first groups to study at Alcona University. 

During his studies, his father disappeared mysteriously. Since his eldest sister was off traveling lands beyond the responsibilities of his father fell to him. He took to the everyday duties with ease and eventually fully realized his fathers dreams for his clan by achieving the title of Duke and Right Hand to the king of Valtoros after the completion of the village that was the site of his birthplace known then as Rav. In commemoration, he renamed the newly forged village Amohn Rav after his father. The city still grows aiming to be the supplier of stone for the lands of Ezrafell and its neighbors. 

Lately he spends time in Rohavn fixing up projects his father didn't have time to complete.