Slayers’ Guild Leadership Current Guildmaster: Solvar (Casadian) Current Benefactors: Casadia, Khabranth

Origin / History Founded originally by the Hrynjandi approximately 15 years before the events of the Unraveling with the stated purpose of defending settlements from monsters and bringing light to the wilderness. The Guild was largely supported by the resources and manpower of the Hrynjandi, Sothis, Casadia, and Chenal. The Unraveling led to the collapse/stagnation of nearly all of the realms serving as benefactors of the Guild. With the empire in disarray, the Guild collapsed. Nearly half a century after its demise, the Guild was given new life when construction began on a new guild hall in the Casadian Protectorate. Though progress on the guild hall was slow due to a lack of available labor and resources, it was eventually completed in 380AI. The new iteration of the Guild shares the goals of its predecessor, but focuses on spreading out its manpower instead of engaging in specific missions using larger contingents of men.

Activities The Slayer's Guild provides a number of services, including:

  • securing settlements from monster attacks
  • training men-at-arms and civilians in monster-specific combat
  • the construction of monster grinders
  • lighting up the wilderness

Affiliations Current benefactors include Casadia, Khabranth, and the Gathered.

Particularities The Guild is primarily (though not entirely) funded and staffed by Casadia, giving Casadia considerable influence over the Guild. Despite this influence, the Guild remains apolitical and swears loyalty to no realm. The Guild receives funding through payments for services rendered and donations from its benefactors. The Guild then uses this income to pay its members. In this regard, the Slayer's Guild is comparable to a company of mercenaries.