The historic town of Yerk was first established in Dra-00-00 when explorer John Yerk set camp on the southern edge of the Minervan Delta in an area that was well flanked by water bodies and hills. Reports of this safe and secluded area in New Hermertia soon spread to Ser Robert Barrawin who left the old world with a small group of followers to establish a settlement there. 

One of the first buildings to be constructed was The Gates of Yerk, a stronghold where townsfolk could stay in troubled times. Soon a Blacksmith and Public House were built and the town comfortably expanded into the surrounding area. Trade was minimal but the relative isolation of Yerk provided it's residents security and opportunity. 

In the following years, with help from The Regent of The Kingdom of Minerva, a great road was built between Ikwe and Yerk connecting the two settlements and providing Yerk with much more opportunity to trade and a free flow of ideas, this brought Yerk into a new age becoming a more national town within Minerva and lying on the main trade route in the realm. 

When news of Concordia's construction reached Yerk, many laborers traveled west to contribute to it's construction and to learn from artisans around the world. However with many craftsmen leaving for different settlements, progress soon slowed and for many years Yerk remained the same. Those returning from Concordia oft built new settlements in the area surrounding the Minervan Delta, creating a network of small settlements. This benefited Yerk as the region as a whole grew more and became more evenly distributed allowing for more specialized settlements.

The fall of The Kingdom of Minerva brought great misery to the inhabitants of Yerk, with tales of corruption in the great city of Ikwe leading to a mass exodus and a plummet in population. Lacking both resources and manpower Yerk soon reverted back to it's old purpose - a stronghold in troubled times.

The arrival of Caesar from Ser Barrawin's homeland of Carinthia soon drastically changed things. A large influx of Orcish population changed the face of Yerk completely. With new builings rapidly springing up and a far greater focus on production. Crops were planted, animals raised and large parts of the surround area were lit brightly to fend of what lurks in the dark. 

Such a great change in the demographics brought some social unrest to Yerk, but in order to solve this and reengage with Yerk's history Caesar Kul Groat commissioned the building of The Barrawin School of Cartography to provide a strong link with the past relevant to the future.

Nowadays Yerk stands as a prosperous town looking to the future and still adapting, as it always has.